Results of Dota 2 Short Film Contest 2016

Long story short the top 3 places are held by the following works:

1st place: Lanaya is mine by MaxofS2D ($25,000)
2nd place: Commited by RS Nayara ($10,000)
3rd place: The Vision by Belarus 4fun ($5,000)

This time top3 places were taken by only SFM animations which is great for those who are feeling passion for both gaming and animations at the same time.

1st place: Lanaya is mine by MaxofS2D

"Lanaya is mine"
is example of an excellent work. Video has amazing quality, stunning animations, great story, and perfect plot twist along with amazing sound design. This film has everything that one needs to become successful. Not much to say. Great job Max, keep it up!

2nd place: Commited by RS Nayara ($10,000)

is something you won't see everyday, and for sure not something you would expect to reach the finals what to talk about top3. But as you can see, video quality isn't a mandatory for a film to succeed. A great idea which was well executed is what made this film so loved by the audience. No doubt it has it's own kinda unique (not really but) charm. Nayara good job too!

3rd place: The Vision by Belarus 4fun ($5,000)

"The Vision" has pushed one of the borders way further than you usually see it in game movies. The completly gorgeous\amazing\epic effects are way beyond the common quality of effects in modern moviemaking. Among with amazing effects 4fun put in a great story line which leaves stunned by the end of the film. If only the animations would be just a tiny little better, maybe then it would be the first place? Who knows! Still an amazing job from 4fun!

I hope you all enjoyed the amazing works that were created for this year short film contest.

If you enjoyed the videos you just saw, make sure to check 2015 contest winners, they were amazing nor less.

If you disagree with the places, feel free to brag about it in the comments, we will be here to discuss it with you.
Thanks for tuning in!

  • HU mauser 14 Aug 2016 17:12
    I liked all of them. The first and the third had more like a kind of professional style with great story and visuals. On the other hand I think I liked the second the most because it had a really comedic feeling, even in the visuals. Reminded me of old plasticine films where you had this weird animation and framerate.
  • RU Georgy Glau 14 Aug 2016 09:53
    Gratz 4fun!