Qwerty & NikkyyHD Contest's results

The so long Qwerty & NikkyyHD Contest has finally come to an end.
The results are on the link.

What I want to say about the contest: it wasn't good. Wasn't even close.
At first we thought it's gonna be fine: the name of United States NikkyyHD has been quite a gurantee of a quality, but in the end everything has turned out otherwise.

First, the quality of the works. For me there was not a single decent work (except Brazil undeadz's VERTIGO). Nothing outstanding, nothing that I'd like to watch again.

Second, in April, the contest's deadline has been moved over to July. Someone will say that it's rather good, but I think that because of the initially set deadline, many great moviemakers decided not to participate, as it was not enough time for them. And than BOOM, suddenly it turns out they had 2 extra months. Kinda, bullshit, eh?

Third, the irresponsibility and disregard on the side of those who hosted the competition.
Where is the page to submit works? Where are the proper guidelines that I could read? Where could we contact the hosts?
Also, the results announcment. Separate channels, the only god knows when release date. First 2 months of extensions, than 1 week of delays.
But the hosts havnt forgot to upload their own videos on channel, these were made and published in time. Shows some respect.

In the end I'd like to say that I wasnt satisfied at all. Everything went awful. If a job is worth doing it's worth doing well. Should have asked for help from experienced competition helders.

Here at MovieNations we have great platform for hosting competitions, where you could submit works, ask questions, see the results and all on one page! You always can contact us for making a partnership and doing great contest.

If you have something to say, if u agree or disagree feel free to express ur opinion down in comments section.

To see the results click here.