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FR JakE-, 25.10.2017
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This was a video made for Doug and Claire.
Doug has heart problems so I decided to make this video for them.

Nothing was planned. Not even doing this video, it was supposed to be a Follow Me series but I wanted to do something different. So this idea pop up in my head. She told me a lot of good things about Doug so why not make something beautiful for both of them? That can last for the rest of their lifes?
She told me so much about Doug that inspired me. I hope the best for him.

I wanted to make some footage of her painting on big frames in her actually room, but its like i said, nothing was planned.

Thank you ChewieMelodies for making this exclusive song for me even without watching the footage. Im so happy that you could find some time to do it!
He is an awesome streamer worth the hours I spent watching you and so worth to sub:

This was probably the hardest video I ever made,
not because it was hard to compose, but because I moved and made huge decisions in my life, plus I travel to Canada just to meet this girl...
She told me stories and showed me so many stuff, i feel blessed for that.
Unfortunately everything has an end, things didnt end up like I was expecting.
After that trip I just wanted to forget what happen beetween us, feelings etc ASAP.... So I could just be ok...with myself... but at the same time, I had to made this video, so I could move with my life and sort it because... I had so many plans before this trip... which all of this made it hard for me because every time I edited I had to see her... or watching her react to my stupid jokes... Finally its completed, I can breath now.

I had to upload another version on YouTube because of the bit-rates... the HQ video is so much better download if you want:

I hope you enjoyed.

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