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HU mauser, 27.12.2016
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Я не хочу остаться в стороне от веселья MN NY2017 контеста, так что сделал эту фигню за пару часов, йо
I didn't want to stay out of the MNNY2017 contest fun so I made this shit in a few hours y0
  • ZZ Barabulyko 28 Dec 2016 17:54
    The song choice tho :D
    • US Chet Jong 01 Jan 2017 18:36
      i cant perceive overwatch as game for moviemaking
      • HU mauser 02 Jan 2017 11:22
        Chet Jong, It will be much better when the replay system gets released. I hate to edit shadowplay to be honest because its ugly, but I really love OW
      • RU Georgy Glau 02 Jan 2017 17:26
        I lke OW but with HUD it's looks ugly :(
      • ZZ Moody 03 Jan 2017 01:38
        Katha doesn't make it better ;)
        • ZZ Barabulyko 04 Jan 2017 05:35
          Tho, I havnt heard any news about replay system sadly :/
          • HU mauser 04 Jan 2017 14:18
            Barabulyko, me too, but hopefully it will be released with OWLeague, because who would make a pro league for their game without a replay system
            • ZZ Barabulyko 04 Jan 2017 20:57
              Lets hope so :D It would be quite healthy for the game