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Dota 2
1 min, 1 sec
RU Georgy Glau, 10.08.2016
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Dota 2 Short Film 2015
1st place, $20,000
My entry for the Dota 2 Short Film Contest -
If you enjoyed the video I'd really appreciate a quick 'like' on the voting page above!

I've already fixed the audio issues, and reworked the ending a little to cut down the DK/Enigma scenes and extend Doom's encounter with Medusa. It's less of an abrupt end now, shame it's a bit late to re-upload now haha.

So this is the product of around 2 months of on and off work. Aside from having hired a voice actor for the Shopkeeper and one or two maps, it is entirely my own creation, having done all the scene planning, animation, lighting, camera work, post production and sound myself, so I guess i'm fairly proud of that.

The basic concept for the video was to create a trailer in a similar style to the original Dota 2 Gamescom trailer, with the Shopkeeper giving a kind of in-universe introduction to the prelude of The International. This short was created entirely using (original) Source Filmmaker, After Effects, Audition and Premiere, and i'll be posting a behind the scenes/breakdown video soon too. Hope you all enjoy!

Many thanks to 'ItsDuke' for being the voice of the Shopkeeper! -
Also thanks to Robert Briscoe for giving me permission to use some 'Dear Esther' maps/props in the short! -
Also to BlueFlyTrap for providing various HD textures/models -

And finally, thanks to Valve for hosting the film contest in the first place!

Audio track purchased -
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