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1 min, 21 sec
RU Georgy Glau, 07.01.2016
1 573
GMS 3k Contest
2nd place, $10
so, this clip took a lot longer than i thought it would... a combination of technical problems (my HDD crashed, causing me to lose most of my project files and footage), lack of time and just a simple lack of motivation pretty much turned a quick, simple minute long clip that was supposed to be edited in a few weeks into a project that took an unreal amount of time. hopefully i can be more active from here on out :P

for the record, im not quite satisfied with this clip; i know the first frag seems so unpolished and the whole thing seems rushed and rapidly put together; and thats because it is. it would have turned out a lot better if i spent more time on it, but i never really could spend a long time on a single clip haha. sorry for letting you all down with this one, i know its not my best and certainly not the best of what i can do, but i really felt the need to push out a clip and this was the best i could do for the time being. hopefully i can spend more time on my next clip and get it out soonish. sorry for the wait again fellas, i know a lot of people were waiting and anticipating this clip and im sure i let a lot of you down.
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