Counter-Strike: Source
2 min, 8 sec
RU Georgy Glau, 29.09.2013
3 653
Dany Baron Comp #2
2nd place, $65 + headset Tt Cronos + accesory Tt Hyperion + keyboard Tt Challenger
Light it up and enjoy ;D My bigest project so far, dedicated to stoners and trance lovers! So, this project has a lot to say to it, its had ups and downs but what matters is that its finished :) . Believe it or not, I started this movie 8 Months ago, and since then I've had a lot of pauses on it, due to school and work stuff. And I would like to thank once again the people who supported me the most, such as raon, sokz, liquid, james, biba ... Critical analysis: I don't think it looks too professional, due to some rushed editing, but yet I actualy like the ideas of FX and animations I had, altho sometimes, they ruin the video quality, and might be confusing to understand certain frag parts. And yes it isn't fully Trance (it's Progressive Trance) and it starts of with some Hard DnB. Needless to say, the clip wasn't realy made for "the frags" and yes just a psy trance experience with a video game. Altho I tried to balance it off so that it wasn't completly messy. Music: B Commix- Satellite Type 2 sour Plastic Vibe - Reality Test Thats all, hope you enjoyed and Peace! Legalize it.
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