Call of Duty: BO
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PL Or1on, 01.08.2013
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T3C Comp
5th place, CS:S
I had some quality issues i hope they're fixed now :/
So finally here it is the last part of the trilogy... I know that this part will not top vol.2 and i wish i couldve get more clips of this dead
game to create a quiet longer result but i put so much effort in it
and focused on the gameplay and im not satisfied with the result tbh. Similar to vol.2 I tried to avoid speedups and just add slowmos at the end of frags so u can get
a better feeling of the movement and aim in realtime that some players have.
Imo this game is a pretty damn good alternative way
to cod4 srsly. Its playin in the same league no doubt! Unfortunetly noone is playin it anymore because this game had the modtools
too late. If there would be more ppl playin it I would go back to it and maybe make a new movie of it.
This Video took me 1 Month of editing(not everyday ofc). Outmasking the Hud took also quiet a long time and im sry for the 12" days delay:P

Unfortunetely not every clip is against a good team because all the sick teams left this game and prepared for mw3 by playin
mw2. The clips are basically from ESL-Versus, a few mixes, ESL-Matches and 1 or 2 are from 3on3s if i remember well.
If the enemies aren't that qualified i can tell u that the players starring in actually are one of the last good BO players out there.
If u would give this video a like, share it maybe with some of your friends and comment some constructive critiques on it, I would be really
I think my next Project will be "12bytes" another cod4 Movie from my side and if u believe it or not i will try to reach one of kathas works
this time by implementing a lot of new ideas running through my head^^ But I will take 2-3 Month more for this project and I hope ure with me

Ok thats it ;)

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