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Have you ever thought that fragmovies are such kind of films that just don't belong to big screens?
Have you ever dreamed of watching it on BIG HUGE SCREENS with your friends, shouting out loud on cool frags and VFX?

Well it's real! The first ever Internation Cybermovie Festival! A lot of moviemakers has gathered under one roof to have some damn good time, showing their works to each other, discussing the details and details of future projects.

At all there were 14 works, highligting CS, Quake and WoW, from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Sweden. All works could have been categorized as following: movies regarding clan\team, movie about player, and movies about concrete event like cup or tournament.

All participants were rewarded with cash and some cool papers.


1st place, Cash + certificate
2 5 039 0
egious 2005
2nd place, certificate
42 53 803 0
deanar & roachru 2005
3rd place, certificate
4 18 632 1
trasher 2005
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