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Wait what is it... Is it... It cant be... No way...!

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Our great friend 3n19ma has recently achieved 100k suscribers on T3C channel.
We are happy for him and are thankful for everything he'v done to the Editing Community.

In order to celebrate this great goal he decided to host the T3C 100k Editing Competition with 1500$ in prizes, so come on everyone hop on the hype train!

Contest's details can be found here.

Remember Belarus VadoskiN? Creator of the JTTU and Eterna? No? Fck you then!

Witness at least his newest creation: Fucking Heroes (NSFW).
Apart from being awesome trailer we would like to point out that this trailer been nominated to Golden Trailer Award, and Vadoskin is heading to the ceremony right now. Wish him best of luck!

Still alive and still kicking!

Our member ru tEGO finally got back from the future and released retrocrap. Make some noise for Marty!

Our memeber barabulyko streamed some SFM stuff, showing how to get along with basics of motion and graph editor.

If you enjoyed the stream then make sure to drop a comment here on website, with some feedback or wishes regarding future streams, we will be reading them with caution. Stay tuned!

Few days ago our member Russia inclement streamed CSS moviemaking. Check out the past broadcasts (:

3rd part:

You may have noticed that we recently had intense MN Pride fights. And it just so happens that vote for MOTW has finished and winner is now known. Ladies and gentlemen, please. Applauds for...

RU panace4 and his winner movie IDGAF3! 50 dollars are on the way towards to the depths of Russia. We hope Ivan dont get drunk too much and will make new episode of MN Demos soon!

Stay tuned as we have more interesting stuff to come (:

Lots of us know United States rbxcbd. We don't know details, but we know that rbxcbd is gone. RIP.

During intense Pride fridays we always get one question: How do we vote for our beloved editors on MOTW?

The answer is very s1mple my friends.

Go to the Pride's main page. Choose the fight of the editor you want to vote for. Click on it. Under the watch and download links you will see biiiig green button with word VOTE on it. That is the button you'v been looking for. Press it. You can even smash it but be careful with your mouse. That's it. You'v voted. You made your editor great again. Quite simple isnt it?

Dont forget to check other applications to MOTW of this week, maybe there is smone else who will become your favorite one in this battle for 50 dollahs! Moneymaking! I mean, moviemaking! We are here for movies aint we? Right?