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Call of Duty 4
0 min, 30 sec
RU inclement, 21.12.2017
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I tried uploading this but got copyright striked so I had to cut off a few things to keep it under 30 seconds. You can watch the full length raw version using the streamable link below.

Ever since I got declined from UA with psycho shrooms I promised myself I would re-apply, here I am a year later finally being able to muster something up.

I finally managed to finish an edit after a long hiatus of scrapping everything iv been working on. Might make a scrapshow? I hope you all enjoyed this one, it took a couple weekends to finish. (Please try to ignore any 3D errors :()

HUGE thanks to ethan, arsalan, dom, ponk, delayz, skall and anyone who has ever given me constructive critcism that shaped me into the editor i am now. I owe an apology to chris for being in his team for over a year and never once using the teams intro in any of my edits.

Streamable: https://streamable.com/h1oah (full length)
Song: X - Carry On

Sellfy: https://sellfy.com/Vinxx
Skype: live:vinxxel
Contact me if you have any questions.