Краткая сводка:
13 min, 37 sec
sMw, 13.12.2007
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Unfortunately I was forced to release this movie a day before I was ready so I am working on hosting... Filefront should do the trick for now...

First off, there are WMV and x264 versions of the movie. The WMV render was a quality 90 that turned ugly after I added credits (total of 1 minute) that jumped the file size up 250mb. However, the x264 render is much more manageable at 340mb so grab that instead if you don't want to wait forever to download.

Like I said in the credits, this movie took way too long to make and was entirely my fault, so I apologize for that. I started editing in January 2007 and finished the credits December 9th. This was mostly due to a lack of motivation on my part, and things didn't really help when the CS scene and my general love of the game seemed to be floundering. When I started I set out to create something interesting and creative, something to blow away the critics that are tired of seeing the "same old numlocked" style. Because of this I went through something like 3 different intros and grew discouraged when I realized I didn't have a damn ounce of creative juice in my blood. However, things being as they were I forced myself to finish the movie in the "classic" style showing off the AMAZING frags that aZn has, and not focus so much on editing. What you get is the usual clean editing with synced frags that hopefully the viewers will enjoy, which is what the goal of the movie is and should be anyway.

APM Music - The Time Has Come
Hoobastank - From The Heart
Saliva - Ladies and Gentlemen
RTPN - Pulse
Massive Attack - Teardrop

Programs used:
Vegas 7.0
After Effects
Mirv Demo Tool
Cinema 4D

The rest of the info is in the readme.
Kevin "aZn" Wang