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Краткая сводка:
4 min, 10 sec
FR JakE-, 05.08.2017
Hey guys! New shortfilm ^^ I'm really excited because we filmed it in less than 24 hours, but I think it still turned out pretty well for such a quick project =)
This is an entry for a shortfilm competition where we won last year, so wish us luck this time! :DD

I really hope you enjoy this shortfilm.

Charlotte Frömel - https://www.instagram.com/charlottefroemel

Timo Meierdreeß
Dominik Sepp

Sometimes everyday life gets to my head.
I will overthink everything that happened...that happened to me.
Then I just need to leave everything behind
and go to a place where I can wonder again.
Wonder about all this beauty that this nature brings us.
Away from the news.
Away from politics.
Away from all those tweets, posts and likes.
I need my freedom, my creative process.
Otherwise I would break down.
I am a free spirit.
I let my thoughts run free and write everything down that simple words can't express.
I get to see a lot of things,
I am told a lot of things
but barely anything appeals to me.
It is just too negative.
I let go of the ones who hurt me
and leave everything behind that drags me down.
So I do my own thing and
I am not searching collectively for new friends.
The few that I have are more than enough.
I treasure them.
I don't adapt to the masses.
Would be way too easy
Almost even boring.
Of course it isn't always easy that way.
Life certainly throws me off track sometimes and I reach my limits.

But that is exactly what represents me:
Daring things and taking the risks that comes with them
Being focused on the goals I want to achieve.
Goals that I chase.
Starting to live independently.
To fight and not give up.
Being amazed by where my feet carry me.
All these colors.
Not losing focus while all these things are happening.
Marvel at our world's bloom like a child does.
This is the place where I learned to develop my imagination and understand nature as a child.

Bear in mind: Behind every fear there is something magnificent.

So overcome your fear.
Where are your feet going to carry you?
What is your escape?

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  • FR JakE- 05 авг. 2017 17:33
    Очень красиво снято
    • RU shinboy 05 авг. 2017 18:06
      Сначала подумал эмобой, а это баба
      Тьфу ты не подрочишь даже

      А ещё птичка напела, что это его мать! Ага, представляете?
      • FR JakE- 05 авг. 2017 18:35
        Хорошо хоть есть на что еще посмотреть, кроме этой бабы ><