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Call of Duty 4
6 min, 56 sec
ZZ Artymeister, 01.07.2017
This is... the first big project, I manage to finish, and that is something I am quite proud of. I started this in june(?) I think. Starring a finnish player called Tonez, wich been in invite channels, and also cgm. So in this fragmovie you will see sick frags against sick teams.
Both me and Tonez enjoy oldschool edits, so I did an oldschool edit with my own little twist too it.

I would like to thank my friends Hutchie (for helping me with the basic editing long time ago), my son Michael (for being an awesome and funny friend in my codtime), wajooh for being an funny (also retarded) guy to talk/play with, opti (the slovenian hackking) wich also learned me alot of new words, neger ((kriekl) my oldest friend in cod and also one of my oldet irl friends, that also made the 2d text for the intro), arbnor ( for being a massive apple faggot that been providing me with editing material (so I could practice)), and also Enigma for giving me a chance to show what I can do :)
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