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Counter-Strike: GO
5 min, 32 sec
RU Georgy Glau, 30.03.2015
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Edited by D[A]rk http://youtube.com/Darkdu58 Produced by MovieNations & Hazard Productions Music: Feint - One Last Time D[A]rk: Hello guys, Here is a new work from me which I made in 4 days ( 2 school days // 2 full days ). I had to watch the whole matches ( again ) because I didn't record the first time when LDLC did something on a round so ye :/ It's a lot of work and I still don't know how I managed to finish in time so here it is! I made this movie on my own and I wanted to finish it before going in holidays:D I'm sorry about the fact I didn't really show the ups and downs but I didn't know what song I'ld be using and since only Feint's one came in my mind, I decided to go for it. The short delay I had also played on this aspect. I'm also sorry for the FPS drop at the end, it's because of the codec I guess because on Vegas, it doesn't seem "laggy" :/ If there's no third person view (also known as smooth) it's because I couldn't get rid of the blue/purple line ( where people look - it's from XRAY ). I tried many commands ( including the key/bind to disable XRAY ) and it didn't do anything :( Anyways, I really hope you'll enjoy it :D I wish to all of you wonderful holidays :D Best regards, Valentin "D[A]rk" Richet
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