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Call of Duty 2
10 min, 11 sec
JP Kesteomind, 11.04.2013
2 834
UNITY - Call of Duty 2 Community Movie by MAKKU

First of all sorry for my bad english but i dont really f##king care as its not my native language. Im so happy i could do this movie with such a nice actions. Last time i noticed people prefer clean movies than overedited so i decided to make it 100% clean and the most important thing for me was sync and flow. It was really fun to make this movie. I would like to thank ST3RN for doing an amazing intro, dnjr and pILAZ for big help with playerbars and dodekKK for motivating me to finish it :D The whole project (collecting demos from all players, checking all of these demos, recording them, editing, rendering) took exactly 1 month and 12 days (2013.02.19 - 2013.03.31). Enjoy! ;P
- Makku

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