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Call of Duty 4
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ru el, 20.05.2011
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I suspect that you have before you read this you already see a teaser. There are 2 news: bad - I have again started having problems with my PC, so I made ??a release for 11 days earlier than I expected, good - you see a small piece of the movie). Since it's difficult to assume what will happen next, I did release a teaser today, he is fully completed yet and looks like I originally wanted to create it. But this is only a small part of what you'll see the final version of the movie. I have some interesting ideas that you have not seen in any fragmovie. I know it can be too loudly but believe me when you see you'll be surprised). I do not know how much work can be delayed so that I do not presume to say, even an approximate date of release of the movie. The only thing I can promise is the fact that he will be fully completed yet this year. I hope you understood what I wanted to write because my english ... hm, you know yourself. See YA soon.