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Counter-Strike: Source
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ru tehREADME, 03.02.2011
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First before we get intro all the cirrusinformation. this minimovie / long clip, whatever you wanna call it, didnt really come out as i wanted it to, but nonetheless i think its watchable :D I know you cant see the playerbars at all the scenes, i made them before hand so i couldnt really make sure they can be seen, but i made a small effort to do the playerbars so it would be a waste not to use them :P last but not least, i know the colours MAY be a bit too bright at some points, doesnt block any vision to anything but just a bit too bright at some points, but again.. thats all opinion based. and especially the intro didnt come out like i would have wanted it to, lets just say its just a test :D longstoryshort, i dont like it that much, but i hope you do.
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