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It scored with low budget horror films world of warcraft classic gold such as Gift and Boy, but lost money on the thriller Secret in Their Eyes and the point of view action film Henry.Among newcomers, Lionsgate fielded a $20 million thriller about a digital truth or dare style game that takes a deadly turn. The film stars Dave Franco and Emma Roberts. It opened Wednesday in order to get a jumpstart on the competition, earning $15 million over its first five days and $9 million over the weekend.felt the best approach was to let the movie do the heavy lifting and let word of mouth carry it, said David Spitz, co president of domestic theatrical distribution at Lionsgate.

This thesis argues that Jordanian IP laws lack a meaningful social and economic texture, and have failed to be evenly enforced in Jordan, essentially because they do not fit the Jordanian culture and are not compatible with Jordan's economic stage of development. Additionally, the thesis argues that IP laws have had insignificant economic impact on the Jordanian economy as the majority of technologies used in Jordan, and the majority of foreign direct investments attracted to Jordan, are not IP related. Finally, the thesis argues that the current Jordanian enforcement model, which is built on coercion by donor countries, is serving the interests of foreign companies to the exclusion of the local citizens, and will not, in the long run, produce an enforcement model based on self regulation by Jordanians, themselves.

A strong tropical wave located off the coast of Africa, about 200 miles south of the Cape Verde Islands, is moving west at 10 mph, and has been designated Invest 92L by NHC this morning. This system has a large amount of heavy thunderstorm activity and moderate amount of spin, and appears likely to develop into a tropical storm later this week, as all of the computer models are developing it. NHC is giving 92L a 40% chance of developing into a tropical depression by Tuesday.

Mirror photo by Gary M. Baranec / The 12th Ward World War II Memorial at 28th Street and Pine Avenue was rededicated in a ceremony Tuesday afternoon. The Central Pennsylvania National Guard Veterans Association organized the rededication. This includes looking at ambiguous implications of migrating, the emotionally complex ways in which migrants relate to home from abroad, and the impact that multiple inhabitations of cosmopolitanism can have for the way political subjectivities are articulated. The account shows how affect, emotion, and cosmopolitanism interact within migrant narratives in diverse ways. It demonstrates their importance in transforming the way migrants think about home and political action, in revealing migrants' own implications of structures of inequality at home, and in solidifying the political commitment of some activists.
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