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Hernandez Leads Blue Jays To 6 5 Win Over TwinsTeoscar Hernandez osrs gold delivered a go ahead hit for the Toronto Blue Jays for the second straight game. But it was a defensive play by Hernandez that had his manager beaming after Toronto 6 5 win over the Minnesota Twins on Tuesday. Post Office in a small western Idaho town has been named after National Baseball Hall of Fame slugger Harmon Killebrew.

Jake Odorizzi is on the mound today as the Twins and Yankees play the second of three games here. Last night went like so many other games played in this ballpark, as they dropped a 6 3 decision to the Yankees in a game they looked worse than the final score suggested.

Not to worry, though. I've more than made up for it since Sunday morning. I've seen lots and lots of competent and useful reporting on the air (closures and outages, road conditions, the classic shoveling tips, etc). But you know what? It all seems quite to form and predictable. I feel like I've seen all this before (and, of course, I have). All massive snow drops are probably the same, but once you've reported the meat and potatoes, how about a little creativity? Some light feature maybe? Some unusual angles maybe? A sense of humor perhaps, just to lighten all the gloom and borderline run for your lives hysteria? C'mon, TV folk, you've only got 87 straight hours of airtime in which to tell us that it's snowing. How about trying a little something against the grain? It might set your station apart from the pack.

The worst people didn figure out that the guy who used than rather than then was correct (random example, not in the paper) so they still thought they did above average. They didn realize when other people were doing correct things, or when they were wrong because they didn know what right or wrong was.

They could have easily given us a new rune for every Divine Beast at the very least if they were absolutely committed to not giving us any new tools/items, like a Fire rune that can create fires and ignite enemies or a Wind rune that can push objects, boats, and small enemies away.

You probably can recall a Halloween where you didn see a jedi, storm trooper or Chewbacca. However, with the release of the force awakens earlier this year we have a whole new array of costumes to choose from! Dress up as Rey, Finn, or if you really creative BB88. If you feel compelled by the dark force you can go always go as Kylo Ren. You may be able to recreate this costume with black pants, black tunic, black tall leather boots, black belt, black gloves and a black cape. The mask and the tri tip lightsaber might be worth a trip to the Spirit Halloween store for the complete ensemble or for just the finishing touches.

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