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You also find that monitoring your part usage chart becomes much easier once you are fully buy osrs gold solarBelow is a modpack for 7. Delete or modify the arumba mod as you see fit. Also, you can make a copy of the modpack and remove whichever big content overhaul mods you want from the tiered progression above to get to the level of complexity you want. I would recommend 1 3 for a beginner from vanilla.
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QoL mods make these modpack a lot easier to deal with, as does skipping the burner phase. CheersCan say I ever cared so much about grinding for levels myself (especially given that in the vanilla game, higher levels can actually make you relatively speaking if attained via non combat skills), but this is the reason alternative leveling mods such as Experience and Gold is XP appeal to me so much.

It removes the whole grinding for levels thing altogether.Regardless, if you really want to work with the vanilla system where you get levels from skills, and want to make it easier to level lockpicking, just install the Skyrim uncapper and increase the rate that lockpicking levels.thekingofbeans42 27 points submitted 22 days agoYou looking at it in a pretty black and white setting.

Yeah the Stormcloaks aren the good guys, but that doesn make them wrong. Hammerfell seceded because the Empire fucked them over in the White Gold Condordat too, and they way easier to invade. Hammerfell alone fought off the Dominion, ending with them ceding a single city rather than their entire southern coast, and this was immediately after the war rather than a few decades later when Skyrim did it.for the killer,

not really fair to blame the Stormcloaks for that one either because you can take the city for the empire and there still wouldn be an investigation. Not that Ulfric isn a huge dick, but he is also an Imperial veteran who gave up his identity as a Greybeard trainee to fight for The Empire, then withstood torture for as long as he could to protect The Empire,

then was betrayed by the Empire at Markarth.the Stormcloaks are racist, but the Empire very willingly fucked over Hammerfell and Skyrim as soon as the Thalmor offered them a treaty that left Cyrodiil alone, despite the fact that The Empire had just landed crushing defeats on the Thalmor in both Cyrodiil and Hammerfell.still fall very close to center on the Empire v Stormcloak issue,
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