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The sleep apnea buy wow gold machine is the closest science has come to recreating the experience of trying to nap with an alien facehugger porking your throat with a pressurized air dong.

"I've woken up convinced a cat was eating my face, that someone was sitting on me and farting right up my nose, that a spider was trying to merge with my head, and a variety of other ridiculous things that ended with me ripping the mask off and throwing it away."

4. 5 Things Only Poor Teens Understand About Poverty

You go to school, thinking you smell just fine, but your classmates start crying from fifty feet away. Before you know it, you're being relentlessly mocked, and you have no idea why.

"When you're hurting for the essentials, deodorant is a luxury. So is laundry soap. In a lot of poor households, there are two kinds of soap: a bar that you use for your ass and hair, and a big ass container of the cheapest dish soap you can find for dishes and laundry."

3. 5 Awesome Game Sequels That Were Screwed Over Canned

What could have been: think World Of Warcraft, but with super mutants instead of orcs.

"Another developer ran a crowdfunding campaign to rustle up even more money, after which they, uh, vanished from the face of the Earth, taking every hope of a Fallout MMO with them (and also the money of all those loyal fans)."

2. 20 Statistics About Probability That Will Blow Your Mind

And unless you're Sean Penn, the odds of only one of these improves with cheating.

"We everyday, normal people go about our business without ever really considering probability, despite the fact that if we did pay attention to these numbers, we'd have the closest thing we can get to a crystal ball."

1. 5 Banned CIA Torture Techniques Babies Use To Break You

"Babies know exactly what they're doing. Every torture technique they use on you strips away another layer of self involved narcissism until you're left a better, more selfless, far more loving person."
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