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I honestly don't know how to start this here.. It's kinda embarrassing for me to just reappear after 3 weeks when I said that I have quitted with Videogame editing.
But I realized that scrapping this edit was a huge mistake. I've spend already 6 months in this edit and it's the only project that I really like :D I really regret it that I have scrapped this edit. I just couldn't let it being unfinished for the sake of Danganronpa so I just had to. :D Especially when I saw T3C's reaction to it :D It kinda motivated me to finish this edit ^^
I'm deeply sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you can all forget about me saying that I have quitted.

From now on I'll drop this mentality to make the next edit look better than the other because I don't really think I can do better than this here ^^ But of course I will always try to do my best :D


Also I haven't really said this but thank you for 1000 Subscribers, that's just fucking awesome :D
Expect something new when the new Danganronpa game will come out :D


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Song : 「Good Bye School Dayz -theme of SUPER DANGANRONPA 2 THE STAGE-」TRUSTRICK


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