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Counter-Strike: Source
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RU inclement, 09.08.2017
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Hey guys finally my huge clip you've all been waiting for (lol). I wanted to say that this costed me a lot of time to make and I'd appreciate it if you pressed the like button! I loved neutrens demos but because he didn't have enough demos I decided to make it a 2 player clip. So the 2 players are 0nuqtive and neutren! If you want their demos contact them not me!

Thanks to all of my mates for beta testing, great feedback and honest opinions are what made this clip quality.

Special thanks to: hro, tomahawx, slush, neutren, liquid, dens, shortez, sengira, emil, horizn, sam, oliver, pridé, encine, actie, fcuk, kziw. the notorious flax and flixxn, haize, dark, smoothi and of course the whole AU team. Also thanks to many more people I forgot to mention here you've all been so supportive! I appreciate it a lot!

Check out these special pages: - neutren - liquid - hro - dens - shortez - emil

This is an entry for kziw's comp!
If you want to upload it here's the HQ download to it!
As long as you give me the credits :)!

Also I hope to reach 300 likes with this clip!

Visit our forums and our team-page, I'm now in Artists Universe for 1 year and 3 months, and I must say I love those peeps everyday more. Thank you all guys you've also been a great support!

Thank you all, if you enjoy please subscribe.
Cya next time!
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