Dota 2
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ZZ Barabulyko, 30.09.2016
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Пару дней назад я осознал, что все те мувики, что я видел по Доте 2, были ха(й)ла(й)тами, ну разве что за редким исключением в виде 4fun'a и в200ме. Поэтому я подумал и придумал сделать такой эдит сам. Нуачобыинет? Ну и вот вы его смотрите.

К сожалению, система реплеев дотки не заточена под контент такого вида, поэтому единственная клёвая демка, которую я смог достать – это геймплей от Miracle на Ti6 против TNC на Инвокере.

Если вам понравился видос, у вас есть собственный реплей и вы захотели такой же мувик, но про себя – пишите, разберёмся!
Few days ago I realised that all movies I'v seen about dota were simple highlights except some 4fun and w200me production. I'v never seen heavy edits regarding Dota2,. So I thought: Maybe I'll do one myself?

I failed to find a pub replay so had to use International one. It's from game of OG versus TNC.

If you really enjoyed it, you have dope replay and you want something like that about you, mail me or pm via facebook. Cheers!

Music: Lunar Vision - Overdose
  • HU mauser 01 Oct 2016 12:18
    dota can look really good :P sadly its boring for me to play and I am not a fan of mobas either, but I always enjoy watching some great movies
    • ZZ Barabulyko 01 Oct 2016 13:04
      Never played it alone coz it's a mess. I have a brother that plays it for around 10 years, and his friends that play with him which helped me to get along with the game, and have fun in it.

      And it can look fucking AMAZING man, the amount of variety is unreal. You can literally put demo in SFM. Imagine having cs:go demos working fine in SFM? and everything mounted to SFM officially? And you can change skins of weapons on the fly, swap bodies, edit map and stuff like that. Dota SFM can do that! Fucking amazing.
      • HU mauser 01 Oct 2016 15:55
        Barabulyko, it's insane, its the same with tf2 as far as i know, you can open demos, and edit everything, from models, to map, to animations, literally anything