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JP Kesteomind, 08.08.2016
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Да, как вы можете видеть, тут почти нет велосити и пан\кропа, я старался сохранить клин стайл, чтобы показать все детали.
Изначально релиз планировался 5 августа, потому что это должен был быть клип на ДР моему другу Kosta (чьи фраги здесь и заюзаны, естественно), так что да, с прошедшим днём рождения, Kosta! (я знаю, я не хороший друг, раз публикую презент с опозданием в 3 дня...).

Также, дуал-эдит, который я делаю с моим другом sokz'ом всё ещё в процессе создания, так что ждите релиза в этом месяце (по крайней мере я надеюсь, лол).

Также, спасибо MARO и R.I.Pieces за помощь с роликом, без вас, ребята, ничего бы не вышло!

Музыка: King Sol - Gone

Yeah as all of u can see there is almost no velocity and pan/crop, tried to keep this clean as possible so I could highlight all the details.
The edit was originally planed to be released at 5th of August because it was supposed to be a birthday clip for my friend Kosta (whose frags are used in this edit ofcourse), so yeah happy late birthday Kosta! (I know, I'm not a good friend when I publish a birthday edit 3 days after the actual birthday...).

Also, the dual edit which I'm doing with my friend sokz is still in the making, so that should be released somewhere this month (I hope atleast lol).

Also, thanks to MARO and R.I.Pieces for helping me out with this, without you guys this wouldn't be possible!

Music: Gone by King Sol
  • JP panace4. 08 Aug 2016 09:15
    • FR D[A]rk 08 Aug 2016 09:42
      The whole scenes are done with C4D, there's nothing from the game except the animation, the models and the textures but it's not footage from the game ^^
      Still impressive work!
      • RU Revizion 08 Aug 2016 09:44
        ValentinRichet, good to know, done well.
        • ZZ Barabulyko 08 Aug 2016 10:12
          I can clearly see the csgo animation sequences, but this render is unreal for Source so I was wondering what the actual fuck... Wondering how did he transfer animations... I suppose he used recent agr to blender feature :D Well sick one, the fire is fucking dope and rework in total is sick!
          • FR D[A]rk 08 Aug 2016 11:21
            I actually think fuze used SFM and HLAE in order to get the CSGO animations from the frags.
            With HLAE, you can now get a scene on SFM ( ) so I think he might have exported the animation from the models from SFM and then imported it to C4D with a 3D rigged model (he certainly re-did the rigging on his own because I heard the rigging was failed with the 3D models you can find on YouTube) and then he just placed it on the 3D map (that he also got in a specific way with some external softwares which isn't easy to achieve especially if you never did 3D game ripping).
            He might have used the camera datas from the first person player with the HLAE export camera script + plug-in in order to get a working camera on C4D on the player (the model will already be placed etc... because of the state integration but I guess you won't have the camera).
            It's for sure a lot of work but if you're used to it, I guess it's really fast and simple to achieve...
            I'm kinda sad because there's some interesting stuff that I could try but since I guess it's pretty much private stuff etc... I know I won't be able one day to work on the 3D CSGO maps and doing all this stuff! D:
            • HU mauser 08 Aug 2016 12:39
              ValentinRichet, Feel you, I am actually working on getting out some CSGO maps, but my intention in the beginning was to just get the simple map shape with most of the objects, so I can use it for motiontracking (for example I use it for determining how far certain objects are in the 3D space so I can make sure they will be in the correct place on the 2D scene, also I don't have to rebuild certain areas if I want to represent shadow casting), but all in all its not perfect and never will be, and no textures either. Of course the best would be to be able to get the maps easily out of the game just like in CSS where you could just open up the bsp files with Crafty and then export them to obj, but sadly it's not updated and CSGO is not supported. Tried to work around this issue by using different hammer versions so I could recompile the map into a different version so Crafty could open them, but sadly I didn't manage to make it work.
              • ZZ Barabulyko 08 Aug 2016 12:53
                Recompiling at the moment is pain in the ass. I know that one guy from sfmlab managed to recompile even Newke, but he resist to contact with me ): I mailed him few times in hope he may reveal the secret of recompiling so I could do it instead of him but he remained silent. You for sure know Enigma's (or it's tweeday's?) textureless map pack, and it's the only map pack availeable outside of source AFAIK...
                • FR D[A]rk 09 Aug 2016 04:20
                  After tons of talks with some mates, the main conclusion I've come across is the fact that in order to get the 3D map, you either use external software as people used to do in COD4 to rip the map or you either ask to someone who has the 3D maps.
                  In our case, since the software are most likely hard to get, I think it's better to get the 3D maps.
                  If I can get them all (because I could get inferno), I'll make a video sharing them if the guy sending them is "ok" with it, I'll keep you updated if I get some news about it!
                  • HU mauser 09 Aug 2016 04:44
                    D[A]rk, yes, basically there is no other option, but the question is: If somebody has the maps how did he/she manage to get them ? :D wish it was just as possible as in CSS without all this fuss
                    • FR D[A]rk 09 Aug 2016 14:50
                      There are 2 possibilities I'ld say:
                      1) External software ripping 3D from games
                      2) Hacking the game
                      But that's a good question if we really want to know the whole process !
                      • ZZ Barabulyko 09 Aug 2016 18:42
                        Well, the thing is that there were programms back then which allowed transfer of files between various 3d software and source (like maple3d) but since then features been forgotten.
                        I think there is a way right now to link 3D software to source atm, BUT, I think that fuze did enhance the game itself.
                      • ZZ Barabulyko 09 Aug 2016 18:45
                        You might be interested in this
                        It says "... three file exporters. One to the Valve (.map) format, one to the Valve (.vmf) format and one to the 3D Game Studio (A6/A7 .wmp) format.." Which means there is a 3d level redactor which compatible with 3ds and valve map format at the same time, which further means there is a way for backward compilation. And I suggest that project is down due to huge unpopularity of gaming back then, but nooooooow, it may serve a very big deed....
                        • RU Revizion 09 Aug 2016 22:35
                          Barabulyko, you can edit maps(cs go) in 3ds, but you have to export them with wallworm. (after editing you can export them back to game engine and they will work). I saw a few tuts with wallworm. BUT, its too hard to work with it.
                          • HU mauser 10 Aug 2016 01:43
                            Revizion, Indeed, I have almost forgot about wallworm, but many people say that its not working sometimes, especially with the newer maps. I have it downloaded but I haven't tried it yet, because I am using 3DS Max 2012 and it's not working with it atm. Need to install a newer version of 3DS to know if it really works or not
                            • RU Revizion 10 Aug 2016 03:05
                              mauser, yep, there are some difficult things with it. You also should have good pc for this kind of plugin.
                          • HU mauser 10 Aug 2016 01:46
                            Barabulyko, Well its sure a nice program, but firstly I would need something that can trasnfer the maps from the game to 3d software, this program is only useful in my opinion when you have made modifications to your map and want to use it in game.
                        • ZZ Barabulyko 09 Aug 2016 05:28
                          Will be waiting (:
                    • ZZ Barabulyko 08 Aug 2016 12:50
                      What you mean private lol :D I used agr script alrdy I did a test 30 minutes after release, and helped fixing some early bugs :D Things is he used source2blender script which is having few issues atm with reimporting, though he seem to manage it out. The only question I have is where did he get the maps, because I can see how he did everything else lol
            • GB Vasilisa 08 Aug 2016 13:44
              A W E S O M E - P E R F E C T - I N C R E D I B L E - C L I P!!! Must be estimated well and enjoyed by all :D
              • BG dReaMLike 07 Aug 2017 08:40
                I keep coming back to fuze's works every once in a while.