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RU Contrastniy, 08.01.2016
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Music - HUGE credit to these artists who were actually the main inspiration for how this was put together -
Song 1 - Zack Hemsey - "Vengeance" Please check out this very talented man, who has had music featured as themes for big Hollywood movies, including this track that was the main tone-setter throughout the fantastic 2014 thriller with Denzel Washington, "The Equalizer" -

Song 2 - Mudvayne - "Digg" This is quite possibly the most "fire you up" band I have ever heard. Their tracks are incredibly unique and I have seen them in concert twice. They absolutely love their fans and put on a heck of a show, even when the A/C went out and the lead singer was in a monkey suit. They have since broken up after many, many years of success, and taken different directions, Lead singer Chad Grey did some stuff for a band called "Hell Yeah" and one of their songs was actually used in the trailer for my short 3D movie, "Ashen Theory."

Song 3 - Deftones - "Change" I remixed the acoustic and rock version of this song to finish out this project, mostly because it is the #1 song I have wanted to use in a project since I started editing. Their sound is incredible and melodic, and probably spent more hours singing along with their music while driving late at night than any other band. Absolutely incredible artists.

I do not own any of this music, and the profit I take away is very minimal, If you are one of these artists, please contact me and I will forward any profits to you, as you clearly deserve it. I couldn't have done this if it wasn't for your inspiration.

Thanks to all that have supported this project, many hours were spent creating this, and never did I once expect a reaction as incredible as this.
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