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It was hard to comprehend the Runescape
Author: GB wfuuopy
The sweet notes, various songs and different parts of the MIDI music composition by Ian Taylor collectively visually represent an entire Runescape journey in the space of three minutes and 43 seconds. It's as if you've been transported back to the early 2000s when life was much easier. It's likely to cause you to cry when you hear it, but don't feel ashamed, it's normal to let out emotions. If you think back to Tutorial Island, you were an "noob" and there was nothing you could do about it.

The basis of what will be a major aspect of your life for many years were laid by those first steps. It took about half an hour to learn how bronze bars are melted and how to make bread dough was not easy.

It wasn't too bad to cook your first Runescape meal over a flame you'd created. It was amazing to learn that you can shoot a bow & archery, and kill a massive polygon-created Rat in just 5 minutes. The start of an enormous journey lasting decades all started with the simple and beautiful Tutorial Island. It will be a part of our lives forever regardless of age or how long ago it was.

Then there was Lumbridge. Nothing else is required to say. It's the beginning of an unforgettable experience in which you didn't know the situation or what to do. Lumbridge was the location that everyone knew and could go back to if you were lost. In truth, the first time in Lumbridge was a bit intimidating for new members.

A new interface appeared with similar menus to those that you were shown during the tutorial but now a chat box appeared with hundreds of players talking to one another at the same time. It was hard to comprehend the Runescape jargon so you would often spend half an hour looking at what other players had to say. "Where am I?" was the first question you asked upon you arrived in Lumbridge. But no one would listen because so many other players were engaged in their own private conversations.

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