HLAE (2019-08-03T10:56)

  • Changed config load/save behavior: hlaeconfig.xml in HLAE application folder will have priority, otherwise the one in %APPDATA%\HLAE is used.

  • Custom loader now detects if paths are relative to HLAE folder and stores them accordingly, so that moving the folder doesn't break it (#200).

  • Included AfxHookSource 1.65.0 (2019-08-03T10:56).

AfxHookSource 1.65.0 (2019-08-03T10:56)

  • Added assistedflash and wipe properties to mirv_deathmsg (#206). Example:
    mirv_deathmsg filter add assisterId=0 assistedflash=0 // first entry (or use move)

  • Added mutli recording settings, example:
    mirv_streams settings add multi multi mirv_streams settings edit multi add afxClassic mirv_streams settings edit multi add afxFfmpegYuv420p mirv_streams add normal norm mirv_streams edit norm settings multi

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