Week #2017-46 (starts : 12.11.2017)
Fight energyz92 Greenville1
Fight i4pptem Ruiv1337
Fight bulka zemskoff
Week #2017-42 (starts : 15.10.2017)
Fight E1ZY underWat
Fight Holly_ qldton.
Fight Lolix DimEye
Week #2017-40 (starts : 01.10.2017)
Fight Deweu Ludshy
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This method works with all Source Engine games like CSS, HL2 or TF

Удаляет поврежденные .vtx файлы из любой игры на движке Source, например CS:GO \ Deletes corrupt .vtx files from Source games i.e. CS:GO.

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MN choice

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Movienations is wide spread in terms of geography which means we have ppl come and go from many corners of this cruel world.

For a long time we'v been missing a crucial feature which is a part of this world for a long long time. A feature called Time Zones. Well, guess what? Right, we finally made it real.

Now you dont have to always look at all those weirdly posted timings, its all changed now according to your local time! You can adjust it via the settings menu in your profile by manually changing the time zone to the one you like.

Ahh finaly the QoL patches on MovieNations, feelsgood.

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14 Nov 2017 01:53 0