We are happy to announce that a feature you all been waiting and asking for so long is finally here. Movie profile editing.

As you probably already know, back in the days after you submit the movie you couldn't change a bit of information about it in its profile. Those dark days are gone now!

Now you can edit the movie that you have just submitted to the website. Even if you are not the its actual creator. Whenever the actual author is set as creator of this movie, since then only he can change the movie profile. 

So how do I edit? Quite simple, mate. Just get on the movie page and click button EDIT below. Ez.

You can change movie name, author's name, studio, contest and both descriptions (RU\EN). We advice to our foreign friends to not use the google translator as the source of appropriate Russian translation. Please, leave to other active users of the website (:

We hope to see better information about movies in desc from now on!

User of our website Belarus 4fun just released his entry to Dota 2 Short Film Contest. And its fucking epic.
Vote for him to help him claim the first place: link.

The last time (on the 2016) has taken the 3rd place with The Vision and won 5000$.

Congratulations on Belarus i4pptem for claiming the MOTW and 1000 rubles (17$).

Participate in Pride, Fight and get fought, win the duels, get the bitches, drink the booze and in the end reach to the top of Pride Summer Seasons with over 15000 rubles (216$) in prize pool!

MN Demos is simply a project that is dedicated to demos, delivering you the best one out of all of the submitted and pushed.
Use them for your movies, create amazing edits, AND LOVE SPREAD AND SHARE THE MN DEMOS!

The more people know about it the more demos you will have the very next Friday! Yea that simple! So contribute!


No words. Light Drop by Poland maro.

We always want to ensure that your experience on Pride is fair in all directions. Thus we are pushing another change into the rules regarding the rewards. We noticed that even tho we enlarged punishment for those who do not make their movies for Pride, we still face noticeable amount of fights where none of the duelists or one of the duelists do not finish or do not even start their movie. And in second option the one who made his work was suffering too, since duel didn't actually happen, there was no fight, so there was no win and thus duelist didn't get the star which would affect his place by the end of the season. |

Before there was no chance for getting star out of such duel. Now it will be decided by the administration. We will be watching if the fight wasn't cheating (like fake duelists account) and it was just an unfortunate event for an opponent of yours or if it was something dodgy and fight wasn't something you would call a fair fight. 

All stars for similar occasions of the previous weeks of Summer Season will be reaccounted. 

Second episode of MN CoD4 demos! It's amazing, check this out!


And the movie of the week goes to Russia JAIZER! Great work mate, 17$ well deserved!

And we are reminding that Pride is a weekly fights of moviemakers in a duel format.
Best movie out of all duels becomes MOTW and claims weeks prize (17$ rubles) and top 3 duelists of the Summer Season will share its prize pool by the end of the summer (217$ atm)

New release by our member RU Chet Jong.

Happy Birthday ru panace4! Meet new episode of MN Demos.


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