CS:GO PoV to Unreal Engine for 3D Editing

This video contains Importing Camera movement ( AGR / BVH ) to Unreal Engine and adding the PoV models with animations to it in a sequencer.
AGR cam also has FoV information you might should use AGR instead of BVH.


My CS:GO Config

CS:GO Commands:

host_timescale 0; host_framerate 60; mirv_streams record agr enabled 1; mirv_streams record agr recordCamera 1; mirv_streams record agr recordPlayers 1; mirv_streams record agr recordWeapons 0; mirv_streams record agr recordProjectiles 0; mirv_streams record bvh cam 1

mirv_streams record start
mirv_streams record end

Programs and Plugins in use:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Unreal Engine 4

Blender and plugins:

Author: DE Devostated

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