HLAE 2.109.3

HLAE 2.109.3 (2020-12-01T18:39Z) * Included AfxHookSource 1.92.3 (2020-12-01T18:39Z).

AfxHookSource 1.92.3 (2020-12-01T18:39Z) mirv_calcs cam smooth calc: Fixed the map change problem and also the crash problem if the delta time gets too large. If you customized the timing (halfTimeXXX) you will need to divide them by 2ln(2) = approximately 1.3862943611198906188344642429164

` // Bonus config for smoothing the camera: // For key assignment see: https://github.com/advancedfx/advancedfx/wiki/Source%3Amirv_input#mirv_input-camera (New mouse buttons (left / right) + mousemove and mousewheel are not documented there yet.)

mirv_input cfg ksens 1 mirv_input cfg msens 0.05

// The smooth uses a trackhandle that when changes resets the smoothing, since we want to always smooth we use a constant handle value (-1): mirv_calcs handle add value invalid -1 mirv_calcs cam add current game mirv_calcs cam add smooth smooth game invalid

mirv_calcs cam edit smooth halfTime 0.5 // sets all half life time for vec (position), and (rotation), fov (field of view) to same value in seconds.

// Uncomment to set independently: // mirv_calcs cam edit smooth halfTimeVec 0.5 // mirv_calcs cam edit smooth halfTimeAng 0.5 // Tip: Use 0 value to disable smoothing, or use e.g. 0.1 value for lower delay and less smoothing. // mirv_calcs cam edit smooth halfTimeFov 0.5 mirv_calcs vecAng add cam smooth smooth mirv_calcs fov add cam smooth smooth

alias "afx_smooth_on" "mirv_cam order move input 0; mirv_cam source calcVecAng smooth; mirv_cam fov calc smooth; mirv_input camera; mirv_input cfg offsetMode ownLast; mirv_input cfg mouseMoveSupport 1" alias "afx_smooth_off" "mirv_input end; mirv_cam source calcVecAngClear; mirv_cam fov calcClear; mirv_cam order default; mirv_input cfg offsetMode last; mirv_input cfg mouseMoveSupport 0"


echo "enter afx_smooth_off to turn smooth off" `

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