HLAE 2.78.0

HLAE 2.78.0 (2019-08-09T06:58Z)

  • Included AfxHookSource 1.67.0 (2019-08-09T06:58Z).

AfxHookSource 1.67.0 (2019-08-09T06:58Z)

  • Fixed and changed mirv_vpanel command:
    mirv_vpanel command <panelName> <sModule> <comand> - Execute <command> on panel with name <panelName> in module <sModule> (options are case-sensitive, <sModule> can e.g. be BaseUI or ClientDLL).
    Example: mirv_vpanel command DemoUIPanel BaseUI play
    Possible <command> values for DemoUIPanel in BaseUI: uireload, gotostart, prevframe, play, nextframe, gotoend, timescale_quarter, timescale_half, timescale_one, timescale_2x, timescale_4x, nextround, previousround, nextdeath, prevdeath, load, edit, smooth, drive, stop

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