Mini-interview with pray (2009)

Georgy Glau: Hello pray, introduce yourself. What are you doing in your life?

Jojojo I'm pray or praz or just Max. I'm already 20 and finishing my school at the moment. I'm interested in making so many things I cant put them all into my freetime I got the feeling sometimes. These are: Graphic Design, Motion Graphics (& fx stuff) and Music (mostly hiphop).

Georgy Glau: How did you get into moviemaking? Tell us the story.

The first video I saw was "M19 - the Revolution is here" which pretty impressed me. After seeing it I started to make own stuff too. Before that I painted a lot of animated stick figure stuff in paint which was pretty ugly but I nowadays remember I was always interested in creating some sort of Videos.

Georgy Glau: What are your future plans?

I'd like to work for some cool brands and with cool designers. Like MTV or so who always have sort of the best design on TV. I also stalk Jthree and Imrik alot. Would be cool to work with them also.

Yeah and becoming a Motion graphic artist would be my dream job.

Georgy Glau: What is your favorite Counter-Strike movie and why?

Hmmmmmmmmmm. In the past it was definatly Choual History X. Just one of the best when it comes to unique style and good sync. I dont realy remember any good movie which is more "modern". Could be cause I realy hate the current trend with the (bad) 3D stuff, especially in the CS:S scene.

Georgy Glau: What can you say about your past Counter-Strike movies? I mean, they are pretty unique and sucessful. What is your secret?

Well, don't realy know what to say here somehow. What i think made them more "unique" then some others is that I always get my inspiration from anything that is not a cs movie. Wheter it's a comic, a visual style for windows, or some graphic design.
What also was importand is not to think about sucess or time limits while making it. I always feel how things get bad when I think about what I should put in there to make it more sucessfull or stuff.

Georgy Glau: What association brings the word Russia in your mind?

Ooooh haha. Hard question since I dont realy know much about russia. If I'm honest it's coldness, wodka consumption, and this certain style many cs movies have. Can't describe it but sometimes you got the feeling you see if a CS movie has been made by a russian guy.


Georgy Glau
30th of September, 2009

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