Interview with kab (2009)

Georgy Glau: Hello kab. Introduce yourself plz 

kab: Hello, my name is Pavelas. I born in the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius and I am still living here.
I am 18 years old and I am now in 12th grade (the last year of school).

Georgy Glau: What's your favourite movie/moviemaker and why?

kab: If it is possible I will mention 3 moviemakers who I like the most. They are all germans: pray, dios (better known as Hans Henschel) and cRZYFST.
I like 
pray for fresh and stylish ideas and for being the master of vegas. Dios - for cinematic look in his CS movies, they are well made, have great atmosphere and are very realistic. cRZYFST - for best syncing and for creating that atmosphere, from which beauty I can have some tears in my eyes.

My favorite movies are: 
Eve - because of the syncing, atmosphere and great soundtrack 
SK Believe -  because of the atmosphere and good choise of music. This movie is really emotional. 
HUSH - because of bringing some great fresh ideas and it's oneness. 
O'fRoD - The Aftermath - because of the atmosphere and syncing.

Georgy Glau: Some time ago you have won Dell Mini Video Contest. In this contest we could meet pray, slize, cLutch5, CRISTO, spunge and other famous moviemakers as a participants. But you were the winner. How did you make it?

kab: Actually, at first I haven't got an idea at all what I will create after deciding to participate in that contest. I was just listening all songs I have on my computer. I chose the song about bassman. At first I didn't look seriously into that song and it was more like a joke that I will use it but I thought "Damn, it's really something fresh. Why not to try to use this song in my movie."
So... as I am a big fan of oldschool stuff and soundtrack is from 50's I decided to make a CS movie which gonna be fun and will have some spices of oldschool movies. I think that I won this contest because i created something fresh, new, entertaining and easy watching.
Actually, my goal was to make a movie which wouldn't tire the viewers.

Georgy Glau: What do your parents think about what are you doing?

kab: They actually don't know what I do here on my computer at all :D
No one from my family knew that I like moviemaking and so on. Of course I had to tell them that I have won in the contest and why I won here, so they were happy.
But they don't support me if I am sitting in front of PC too much (and who does?).

Georgy Glau: Do you like russian girls? Do you have a girlfriend?

kab: Damn, hard question. I am very selective. However, the phrase "russian girls" creates neutral feelings in my mind. I don't see why I should like them more than other ones. I don't say that I don't like them, there are a lot of pretty russian girls but somehow I usually like girls who are artists or have indian/latin features. And it doesn't matter from what country are they.

No I don't have a girlfriend at the moment.

Georgy Glau: What are your future plans with MovieNations?

kab: I actually don't know yet all the plans of MovieNations crew and I don't know what they will want from in the future. But I hope to give the MovieNations name better and better standing and also to make myself more popular in moviemaking world. If the team will ask for help - I will help. I hope to work great with all team. I will try my best. Btw, wait for new movies from me.

Georgy Glau: Is that true, that you are Russian?

kab: Yes it is true.  My father is Russian, mother - Polish. Russian was the first language I learnt as I was a child. But I go to Lithuanian school and so on.


Georgy Glau
30th of September, 2009

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