05 jun 2011 - 10 jun 2011
0 Paul_Soap_P 0 mufaddal52
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Войдите чтобы проголосовать за мувик недели
    • RU Georgy Glau 26 июн. 2011 09:49
      Paul_Soap_P не успел сдать мувик вовремя, но спустя неделю, он всё же доделал его. Результатов это конечно не отменяет, но ссылку на мувик в бой добавлю.
      • tr Xyology 11 июн. 2011 01:36
        google.translate.com retard rfix fuck off
        • in mufaddal52 10 июн. 2011 10:41
          post a garbage clip dont get banned... so the fight will be garbage clip vs garbage clip ... coz i am posting a garbage clip too .... i had high fever today.. so made it with almost 0 brain energy !
          • lt Paul_Soap_P 10 июн. 2011 05:58
            Congratz mufaddal52! I'm going to loose because I wont wrap it up on time. I'll post my entry only on tuesday.
            • ru Akshay 09 июн. 2011 16:02
              haha n1 rfix!
              • in rfix 09 июн. 2011 07:59
                gl mufaddal
                gl paul
                fuck u xyology
                • in rfix 09 июн. 2011 07:55
                  hey xyology kendinizi de kahrolasıcalardan ilk göz
                  hiçbir hakkı birini eleştirmek zorunda
                  böylece sadece ağzını aksi i ağzınızda piss olacak kapattı
                  • in rfix 09 июн. 2011 07:46
                    abbe bc mc saale xyology
                    tmkc kamine tujhe kya pata apna mufya kaise kaise movie bana sakta hai
                    • tr Xyology 04 июн. 2011 23:41
                      haha.maybe..ure right paul.but dont criticizing others work okay?just retarded.wins 1 losses 3 and u say:'' thought that lets loose with a hard fight rather than win from an easy fight :D'' maybe im suck at editing.but paul is ''mixep 2''(maybe) okay?just u know that
                      • ru Akshay 03 июн. 2011 10:11
                        Xyology plss stop criticizing others work :/
                        • ru Akshay 03 июн. 2011 10:07
                          i'm with u mufaddal go ahead theres nothing 2 loose so give ur best!
                          • lt Paul_Soap_P 03 июн. 2011 02:03
                            you 2 Xyology nothing good in editing. You are a fool commenting others works and saying that he sucks but look at yourself u suck too at editing. Btw mufaddal52 does a lot of clips so he is progressing. You should just shut up and know your role.
                            • tr Xyology 02 июн. 2011 18:35
                              are u kidding me?wins 1 losses 3 ? and u suck at editing mufaddal.sorry about that.but is real
                              • in mufaddal52 02 июн. 2011 00:47
                                Lets do this shit.
                                • lt Paul_Soap_P 01 июн. 2011 10:46
                                  I smell fear !
                                  • in mufaddal52 30 мая 2011 03:13
                                    I know Paul has very good skills at movie making, his first movie was awesome. But its my last fight at MN Pride, will take a long break after this fight. So, I thought that lets loose with a hard fight rather than win from an easy fight :D
                                    • tr Xyology 29 мая 2011 19:01
                                      gl mufaddal52.because you need it. :D

                                      hey gl paul
                                      • in IfuM52 28 мая 2011 16:51
                                        I got the whole song on youtube on worries, no issue :D
                                        • in IfuM52 28 мая 2011 16:47
                                          you have to use loops?
                                          • in IfuM52 28 мая 2011 16:46
                                            I just realized the song is just 31 seconds WTF?