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Clearly the hairstyle wasn't deemed wrong as it had been included in the game
Автор: RU sunxuemei

Like growing up you're outcast for being into nerdy stuff for instance. Could not speak about it in work else you would get outcast, in college you'd get bullied, etc.. But now its the hip trendy thing and its suddenly okay.

I think over all this is only a thing people do and it is not 100% attached to race. While race can play a role as you said, it is but just 1 facet to the over all problem.Yeah, exactly the same type of thing happens there with almost any variety of marginalized groups.

It all comes down to whether you're being disrespectful, yeah. As long as you are using a hairstyle simply because you think it looks good, go for it, it is your hair. Individuals can not simply fucking trademark hairstyles.

It seems sensible that certain hairstyles are related to certain ethnicities, hair texture and so forth. Nonetheless, it's hair, especially in a video game, shouldn't need to worry about offending somebody with every hairstyle and other style option, Reversing the situation does not really work because a lot of natural black hairstyles like locs/afros are deemed"unprofessional" rather than allowed in certain schools/jobs/etc because of the way they look. Black individuals often have to style their own hair straighter or in difficult/inconvenient manners so as to be seen as professional. Individuals without textured hair do not have to go through all of this - as long as my hair is clean, dressed, rather than dyed, I will fit into most jobs' dress codes with my own hair styled quite much the exact same manner it grew from my mind.

Clearly the hairstyle wasn't deemed wrong as it had been included in the game, therefore deciding to punish a player for not holding to outdated workplace standards in a game appears to be completely irrelevant.A balanced perspective of cultural appropriation requires nuance. Nuance demands circumstance. The internet rewards lack of context and virtue signaling. Added to this, the impersonal nature of online communication (even visually presented in video, for instance ) means our ordinary human tendency to presume the worst in others can spiral / snowball.
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