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Product Description writing examples to steal in 2020
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Customers will spend nearly $587 billion on ecommerce purchases this 12 months. As ecommerce sales keep growing, online shops have an outstanding possibility to enhance sales and revenue. However since 96% of humans leave websites without shopping, you need to make it clean for them to locate the data they need to purchase. Writing clean, informative product descriptions that demonstrate the advantages of your products will help you sell more on-line. On this publish, we’ll take a look at the way to write product descriptions that convert — and highlight nine killer product description examples you can thieve for inspo. Hold reading for 9 creative methods to write down product descriptions. Or contact us on-line to talk at once with an ecommerce expert!
1. Gift product functions as advantages
you’re happy with your product capabilities — and for proper reason. But list off dazzling features isn’t sufficient to make people buy. Instead, flip your product capabilities into advantages, and display buyers how your objects make their lives easier. Product description writing example: backcountry
first on our listing of product description writing examples — backcountry sells chalk luggage, chock-full of blessings for climbing fanatics. In preference to listing off features within the product description, backcountry shares exactly how each feature benefits users. Functions:

fleece-lined interior
shockcord closure
detachable waist belt

feels soft towards battered palms
prevents chalk from spilling
saves area on your harness
backcountry does a awesome job of attractive customers to buy with product functions offered as blessings. How you can do it: consider how your product capabilities add cost for clients and add the blessings as bulleted lists in your product descriptions.
2. Display off your brand’s persona
displaying off your persona spices up your product description writing and helps customers hook up with your brand. Creative reproduction increases your reliability and enchantment — and it enables you stand proud of competition online. Product description writing instance: dollar shave club
on the subject of incorporating persona in product replica, dollar shave membership continues it brisker than their “nature-stimulated scents.”

Dollar shave membership’s lighthearted product descriptions deliver buyers the deeds they need to purchase while simply reflecting the brand’s fashion and tone. How you may do it: your logo’s signature style units you aside on-line, so don’t be afraid to weave it into your product descriptions.
3. Include reviews and social evidence
highlighting critiques and superstar ratings, along side your product descriptions provides social evidence that encourages people to buy — particularly if they’re on the fence approximately shopping. Considering that customers agree with online evaluations 12x extra than product descriptions, it’s a smart idea to feature evaluations in your product pages. And including critiques boosts trustworthiness, conversions, and sales for your online enterprise. Product description writing instance: greenback shave club
dollar shave club tests any other box on our listing of product copy high-quality practices. Along side their creative product reproduction, they encompass product opinions that add a layer of social proof. For on-the-fence consumers, the superstar rating and recommendation score provide the extra guarantee they want to shop for. How you can do it: spotlight critiques together with product descriptions to reinforce credibility and believe amongst shoppers.
4. Assume pain points
writing product descriptions that expect and clear up client pain factors combats buy anxiety. Through certainly explaining how product features address pain factors, you show how your merchandise make clients’ lives simpler — and that they’ll experience greater assured of their purchase selections. Product description writing example: nike
nike does a good job of watching for ache points and showcasing their products as perfect solutions. As an instance, this product description for their trail strolling shoes explains how product features assist runners overcome “moist, rocky” conditions often experienced on trail runs.

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