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the current board and governance structure with something that is more effective and offers representation cheap runescape 2007 gold for the diversity of viewpoints and stakeholders involved. Please share your experiences of what did and didn't work in orgs you have been a part of or offer examples of governance structures that you have found to be effective. [more inside]

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Does the fat accepting weight loss forum I need exist?hopefully some local arts organizations. More neighborliness, less traffic. Access to the outdoors. Dark night sky / low light pollution. Access to coldwater scuba diving a plus. [more inside]I am a very fat fat acceptance activist. I also have some very real health issues that would be alleviated with some moderate weight loss,

and I've grown weary of quite literally not fitting in to a world that wasn't made for me. I could lose a hundred pounds and still be very fat, still be part of the fat acceptance community that means to much to me and has helped my mental health immeasurably. Inspired by Roxane Gay's recent essay about her weight loss surgery,

I'm working on rectifying within myself the desire to continue to be a loud advocate for fat acceptance and critic of the diet industry, with the desire to make my own life a little easier. The problem I'm finding now is that there's no community I can find where it feels like these goals can co exist. [more inside]

Always late to the game: where to find online challenges on time?I find it very motivating to work on a challenge or project alongside an online community. Unfortunately, I often only read about these challenges once they are almost over. Good examples are the Apartment Therapy January Cure or the the100dayproject featured on Instagram.

What challenges do you know of that are upcoming? What challenges are reoccurring every year, so I could participate the next time around? Are there any websites that have a great overview of upcoming challenges? [more inside]on Jul 7, 2018 I volunteer at a community radio station where we are in the process of trying to reform or replace
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