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In terms of how her emotional baggage may affect her college preparation, Joyner didn't appear too concerned runescape gold he seemed to believe in her resilience:"It going to take some work, first of all, to get her high school diploma and get her ready for the SAT test . and then entered into college. But we are going to do that . I told her she can go to any historically black college she wants to."

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Rachel Jeantel's testimony in the Zimmerman trial elicited an incredibly wide reaching variety of responses, many of which were remarkably vindictive. But her appearances first on the stand, and subsequently in the studio with Piers Morgan happened to catch the attention of at least one man whose empathy might just change the course of her life.

"Well, it all started of course at the trial. And when she testified, the reaction to her testimony was very troubling to me. People were criticizing her and her education and communication skills, Joyner told Morgan. way the lawyer was just beating her up on the stand just really moved me. And then last night when I saw her on your show, you did a follow up question that said what do you want to do in life."

Says Joyner, upon hearing Jeantel speak, he was instantly energized to help:Radio host Tom Joyner joined "Piers Morgan Live" last night to share his perspective on the public criticism of star witness Jeantel, and also what he plans to do about it:"She deserves a chance," Joyner told Morgan.

"That when the light bulb went off," Joyner continued. "I said I want to help her. We have a foundation that helps students in historically black colleges and universities. The Tom Joyner Foundation has been around since and since then, we donated and raised more than $65 million to that end."

With years of experience helping other victims of the legal system's inefficiencies, Joyner was the perfect candidate to step up and provide support for the young woman that never asked to be in the national spotlight.Tom Joyner: "I don't think Rush Limbaugh has license to use the N word"One of those to recently voice criticism is Rush Limbaugh, as the right wing radio personality misconstrued Jeantel's statements,
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