So you wanna join us?

We have few requirements for you In order to get in our lines. You have to create an appclip which follows the given guidelines:

  • Clip should be longer than 30 seconds, excluding intros\outtros\logos and so on.
  • You must use our logo in clip.
  • Clip should contain [MN APP] in it's head on YouTube, and description should have link to both our website and our channel.

If the clip good enough we will ensure to contact you.

Mostly we are interested in quality moviemakers that are willing to create long movies (not highlights) and have a passion to do so. If you are creating 20 sec clips once per month with crazy-ass pancrop and eyes-bleeding color correction we probably won't be interested but of course there could be exceptions.

If you are still on this page reading this text and you think you will match the requirements just perfect fill the form below.