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Runescape is allowed to issue warnings as needed
Author: US Jackey

Runescape is allowed to issue warnings as needed (e.g. Danger! You are about to enter an area with a high-level monster! ) These can serve a useful purpose in getting the player's attention (the warnings are able to be toggled off). The Runescape safe areas are now completely inaccessible for players who are above the level 60.

What are the prerequisites to be a Dragon Slayer?

I was fishing in Musa Point, Karamja. A player approaches us and asks for food. He was playing Dragon Slayer. A dockhand caught and cooked 22 lobsters for him. While doing so, we asked his statistics. He answered that he had level 40 attack and strength and defense level 40, level low ranged&magic as well as 15 prayers. He was equipped with a rune Scimitar an amulet, power rune, an adamant platebody and rune platelegs as well as boots made of anti-dragonfire, from the Barbarian Village Dungeon and an rune Scriber.

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