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How to Effectively Increase the Conversion via Video Production
Author: PK alexsamuel
1. Simplify the purchase process
The user interaction with the site should be as simple and straightforward as possible. The buying process should be intuitive and obvious. And remember:

the purchase must take place in a minimum number of clicks

To determine how easy it is to buy on the site, think about it, and your parents would have done the job:

Point the user to every next action - with the help of tips, accurately guide the user to complete the purchase. The target action (STA-button) should stand out among other possible options for exiting the page.

Do not offer the user too many options - otherwise you will run into the paradox of choice: the more options the user receives, the higher the likelihood that the user will do nothing. Pip Laja, the conversion guru, founder of the ConversionXL service of explainer video production, claims that the closer the user is to the goal, the fewer options they should have. A wide selection paralyzes decisions. If the site offers a large selection of products, provide users with high-quality filters so that the user can filter out products that are most appropriate for his purpose and not spend too much time.

Reduce authorization and order forms to the maximum - the fewer fields on the form, the higher the likelihood that the user will fill it out. Realize the possibility of authorization through popular social networks. Do not ask for information that you definitely do not need to order: education, social status, income level, home / work phone number, corporate email.

Realize the possibility of buying without registration - give the user a choice: buy without registration, indicating only the phone number / email and name, or register and become a regular customer (it is important to specify exactly what benefits registration provides). For example: buy without a discount or register and save X%.
Make free delivery - 82% of users prefer sites with free delivery.

2. Correct product descriptions

The product description should answer the basic questions of the user and give him enough motivators to make a decision. The product page, in addition to the description, should contain a video review, product images from different angles (the client cannot touch the product, feel its quality by touch - high-quality images will help dispel doubts), user reviews. Additional content will make up for the lack of information in the product description.

How to write the correct product descriptions?

Pip Laja also recommends indicating the cost of the goods after describing its advantages and characteristics, otherwise the user can reject this option only on the basis of the price, which at first glance seems completely unreasonable.

3. Evidence, evidence, evidence
Any words on the site will remain words if you do not back them up with real evidence. What you can provide to the user:

Customer reviews - firstly, motivate customers to leave feedback after the purchase, and secondly, place product reviews in the user's field of view.

Research - This type of evidence is highly effective. Users believe the numbers and results (for example, before and after using the product). It is important to provide real numbers, real research, real reviews. Users can check the information. Others meticulously read the research conditions (if the test was conducted on a small group of users for a mass-market product, for example, toothpaste, then there is little confidence in such results).

Social evidence - to do this, just add social media buttons for reposts to the product page. The counters on the buttons magically affect new visitors. The higher the numbers, the more confidence.
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