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Fossil Brand Watch Wear by the Movie Famous Character?
Author: PK alexsamuel
In collaboration with Intel Innovation and Google, Fossil is developing its connected watch: Fossil Q Founder . With this watch, you combine design and technology at the same time.

Fossil Q Founder: a smartwatch and multifunction watch
The model Founder of Fossil offers useful and fun features.

What are the features of the Fossil Q?
Equipped with a pedometer, an accelerometer and a gyroscope, the Fossil Founder works like an activity tracker . This tracker integrated into the watch follows each of your steps and records them. It also calculates your distance traveled and the number of calories burned. Lovers of walking and running? This watch is then made for you! Watch your activities in detail to progress!

In addition to its integrated activity tracker, the Fossil Founder connects to your phone and reads your notifications remotely.
You receive your calls, messages and emails directly on the screen of your watch.
Its touch technology allows you to scroll through these notifications.

Easy to read a message just by looking at your wrist, right?

How does the Fossil Q work?
To activate the features, your Fossil Q Founder must be connected to a WEAR Android phone accompanied by Bluetooth 4.O technology .
Once this connection is established, you must install the Fossil Q application on your smartphone.

This application has three areas of activity:

the Q Activity center for recording data on your physical activities
the Q Notifications department for configuring your notifications. You decide which notifications you want to receive on your watch.
the Q Curiosity center, which offers new activities. Use it for example to take on new weekly sports challenges!
In addition to being multifunctional, the Q Founder presents a modern and original Fossil design

Fossil Q Founder: a customizable smartwatch
The Fossil Founder screen
The Fossil Q Founder has a touch screen with classic design.
However, the watch face is customizable. You choose the design you want, according to your look, your personality, your tastes ...
It is possible to have original patterns, icons, even drawings of characters on your dial.

Then customize your watch to your image!

The Fossil Q Founder available under two bracelets
In addition to the choice of customization of its dial, the Q Founder watch is available in two types of straps:

the Q Founder with stainless steel bracelet
the Q Founder with leather strap
Do you prefer a sober, classic or rather refined style? The Q Founder watch always leaves you the choice!

The technical characteristics of Fossil Q connected watches

Fossil Q watches have a 4 GB storage memory and a 1 GB RAM .
Their case measures 46 mm in diameter and 13 mm thick. This case is compatible with any standard bracelet.

The battery life is 24 hours . This is recharged via a USB cord supplied with the watch. The charging time is less than two hours .

In addition, the watch is IP67 certified ! You will no longer fear falling in water less than a meter deep!
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