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Most used Wood Floor in Movies?
Author: PK alexsamuel
Which solution should you choose for your wooden floor? Discover the concept of joists of joists and parquet adapted to your configuration.

What are joist abacuses?
The joists of the joists make it possible to determine the dimension of the spacings as well as the section of the joists according to the operating load of the living rooms (expressed in kg / m²), and therefore to choose the appropriate parquet . Depending on the configuration of your parts, different values ​​must be taken into account. Always keep in mind that the center distance of the joists must be a submultiple of the length of the retained floor panels of plywood and possibly that of the boards so that the short sides of these are always supported.

There are three types of configuration intended for domestic use:

common floors ,
common floors without partitioning
light floors .
These three types of configuration also correspond to different center-to-center values. Choosing the right value between the centers means ensuring the strength of the floor.

For information, we offer detailed tables of the operating load and types of inter-axis depending on the type of configuration you are considering.

The standard applied for a home is around 150 kg / m². This value includes 20% of permanent load (30 kg / m²) and 80% of temporary load (120 kg / m²).

Ceilings, partitions and materials ...
At permanent loads, you must not forget to take into account ceilings, partitions, the dead weight of materials, floor coverings ...

The values shown in the following tables must necessarily apply to a building of housing type . The floors installed for storage purposes , for attics , terraces or roofs use different abacus calculations .
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