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Author: RU Georgy Glau
  • ZZ Barabulyko 15 Jan 2017 21:50
    Dat feeling when u dont watch shit except fragmovies...
  • HU mauser 14 Jan 2017 12:12
    tfw when you dont have time to watch any series feelsbadman(
    on the other hand just finished a great hungarian series like 2 weeks ago, westworld, taboo and mr.robot is on my watchlist but idk when will i be able to find some time and start to watch any of these
    • RU Georgy Glau 14 Jan 2017 14:29
      mauser, mr robot is good too, i stopped on 1st season, need to find time for the next one
    • RU Georgy Glau 14 Jan 2017 10:30
      I have just watched 1st season of Westworld.
      This is fucking amazing, 10/10, the best TV show of last years (except GoT ofc hehe).

      Has anyone seen?