HLAE 2.74.0

HLAE 2.74.0 (2019-06-21T18:35Z)

  • Included AfxHookSource 1.64.0 (2019-06-21T18:35Z).

AfxHookSource 1.64.0 (2019-06-21T18:35Z)

  • Added #175 spectator "smooth" (working with mirv_input) calc, see example bellow for more info.

  • Added scroll wheel to mirv_input camera to change FOV when mirv_input cfg mouseMoveSupport is 1.

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Updated motionProfile2: Now uses a quaternion for rotation interpolation. Removed limRxVelo, limRxAng, limRyVelo, limRyAng, limRzVelo, limRzAng properties Added limAngVelo (default 180), limAngAcel (default 11.25) properties.

  • Updated mirv_input position / angles / fov to work better with the new different offsetMode-s (allows setting position / angles / fov to a value directly).

` // Bonus config for smoothing the camera: // For key assignment see: https://github.com/advancedfx/advancedfx/wiki/Source%3Amirv_input#mirv_input-camera (New mouse buttons (left / right) + mousemove and mousewheel are not documented there yet.)

mirv_input cfg ksens 1 mirv_input cfg msens 0.05

// The smooth uses a trackhandle that when changes resets the smoothing, since we want to always smooth we use a constant handle value (-1): mirv_calcs handle add value invalid -1 mirv_calcs cam add current game mirv_calcs cam add smooth smooth game invalid

mirv_calcs cam edit smooth halfTime 1.0 // sets all half life time for vec (position), and (rotation), fov (field of view) to same value in seconds.

// Uncomment to set independently: // mirv_calcs cam edit smooth halfTimeVec 1.0 // mirv_calcs cam edit smooth halfTimeAng 1.0 // Tip: Use 0 value to disable smoothing, or use e.g. 0.1 value for lower delay and less smoothing. // mirv_calcs cam edit smooth halfTimeFov 1.0 mirv_calcs vecAng add cam smooth smooth mirv_calcs fov add cam smooth smooth

alias "afx_smooth_on" "mirv_cam order move input 0; mirv_cam source calcVecAng smooth; mirv_cam fov calc smooth; mirv_input camera; mirv_input cfg offsetMode ownLast; mirv_input cfg mouseMoveSupport 1" alias "afx_smooth_off" "mirv_input end; mirv_cam source calcVecAngClear; mirv_cam fov calcClear; mirv_cam order default; mirv_input cfg offsetMode last; mirv_input cfg mouseMoveSupport 0"


echo "enter afx_smooth_off to turn smooth off" `

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