HLAE 2.72.0

HLAE 2.72.0 (2019-06-14T10:12Z)

  • Included AfxHookSource 1.62.0 (2019-06-14T10:12Z).

AfxHookSource 1.62.0 (2019-06-14T10:12Z)

  • Added #74 "Sampling System like in old AfxHookGoldSrc?":
    There is a default 30 down-sampler setting named afxSampler30 in afxSettings. If you want to change settings (e.g. output fps, please add a new sampler using mirv_streams settings add ... and edit that one.
    Example usage:
    ` // Load demo.

exec sd // Replace this with config for Smoother Demos guide: https://github.com/advancedfx/advancedfx/wiki/Source%3ASmoother-Demos

mirv_streams settings edit afxSampler30 settings afxClassic // if you have FFMPEG installed for HLAE, you can use one of those settings (e.g. afxFfmpegYuv420p) instead of afxClassic mirv_streams settings edit afxDefault settings afxSampler30

mirv_streams add normal myNorm

// Start recording:

host_framerate 1200; mirv_streams record start

// .... let it record a bit ....

// End recording:

mirv_streams record end; host_framerate 0 ` Please avoid cascading samplers for now, since that will probably cause problems, since HLAE will refuse to allocate more than 3 image buffers at the same time and just lock up waiting for a buffer to get available.

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