HLAE 2.47.3

:information_source: This is a re-release of 2.47.2 and fixes a bug that would prevent HLAE.exe from starting, thanks to @bomzotm

HLAE 2.47.3 (2018-02-25T15:32Z)

  • Included AfxHookSource 1.37.3 (2018-02-25T15:32Z).

AfxHookSource 1.37.3 (2018-02-25T15:32Z)

  • Added mirv_campath edit anchor - allows to easily edit the campath position and rotation using an reference anchor and an destination. Example: To use keyframe 0 as anchor and thus make the campath start from the current camera position use: mirv_campath edit anchor #0 current

Greetings: - https://twitter.com/spczf

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