Interview with yalexer (2013)

We continue to pay attention to a game like Call of Duty.
Georgy Glau: Hi! Historically, MovieNations is a portal mostly about CS moviemaking, so here thee have probably few people know. Let's fix this misunderstanding. Introduce yourself to our readers, tell us about yourself.
yalexer: Hi everyone, my name is Alexey, I'm 18 years old, live in the city of Lugansk, Ukraine.
Georgy Glau: On which games are you doing movies?
yalexer: Basically do the whole lineup of Call of Duty, but there are several works on Battlefield 3.
Also do some work in motion-graphics (intro, arts, etc.).
Georgy Glau: Why these games? Not Counter-Strike, Quake, or at worst some StarCraft?
yalexer: I'll answer deployed and probably start with the history...
I like everyone played in CS and Quake, but at the time I was 9 years old, and I'm not really interested in any kind of movies, I had a computer at home, but I played mostly with bots, because there wasn't Internet. I went to the computer clubs, even took my mouse and already there by a local net played in CS and Quake, probably all remember it ;)
I became interested of moviemaking in the recent year of 2009. Just preparing for the famous Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, I played mostly in CoD4 on public servers and in a pirated version of World of Warcraft. One evening looking through Youtube, i came across a movie at Call of Duty 2, where a guy did -4 -5 headshots in a row under the nice music, i liked it and I did my channel. So, it has begun: I started watching these videos in a row and try to repeat it in-game, but nothing worked. 
After about six months, I thought I'd do something of my own and finally upload the first video on YouTube. Then MW2 came out, and I began to make movies on CoD4 and MW2. People have started to write comments, basically, it was the foreign segment, in Russian circles Call of Duty didn't really know because the game is designed mainly to the console, and they have developed more spread in America of course.
Georgy Glau: Do you watch movies on other games, and if so, which?
yalexer: Yes of course, I'm interested in almost all of the shooters, if take the CS series - really like the movies on CS:Source, again because of the engine, in a shooter gameplay and graphics is very important for me. Sometimes i play CS:S an hour, well, so I mostly watch movies from the subscriptions on YouTube, they are almost all on Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty.
Georgy Glau: Do you have favorite moviemakers and works on Battlefield and Call of Duty? Whom could you pick out?
yalexer: Yes of course, first of all i really like the works from katha, and especially the Suspension of Disbelief (I think one of the most professional works on CoD4 Promod), also note this Spanish editor as GoTaR, in 2011 i got motivation exactly after watching his movies, the - IDEA 2, FaZe Timid SE7eN, TEMPO 1/2.
Georgy Glau: What are your plans about moviemaking?
yalexer: Plans... Well certainly further development of the channel on Youtube, more precisely 2 channels, to grow in terms of editing for sure - I want more to delve into 3D modeling and VFX. Learn new programs (plug-ins, effects, etc.). Maybe even grow professionally, I have no keen desire to find a permanent job on any channel on TV, to make them stupid posters for news, but for serious projects in terms of editing, if will be an opportunity, i will take it. In the childhood I very often went in a small suburb to the relatives and my friends, after watching a lot of videos and played the Stalker, even «made» the 3 real life actions of film for 30-40 minutes with the scenario, we scattered them on CD and DVD disks and distributed to the friends and acquaintances, after that even the guys from the university asked about us. It looked a bit silly, but our work is appreciated without sarcasm, here and so ;D
Georgy Glau: Cool! What do you do in real life? Studywork?
yalexer: Studied for 9 classes at high school, after went in "Lugansk College of construction, economy and law" received the diploma of the "Younger expert of appraisal activity". I decided not to study at university (probably because of uselessness i do not believe that the higher education is worth something). I work in a estate agency.
Georgy Glau: Do you have any hobbies besides of movies?
yalexer: Honestly I don't know, video-editing takes a big part in my life as a hobby. Earlier, like most guys, i was fond of football and table tennis, but it somehow passed. I really want to learn how to make music, move in this area, but so far most of the time busy by editing or other things. And i begin to understand, that soon i will have a family, so i will have to feed them and so on, therefore i am trying to learn how to earn money.
Georgy Glau: Well, thank you for your answers, successful works!
yalexer: Thank you, :)
Georgy Glau
10th of August, 2013
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